For Iowa

On, Iowa, proudly at the fore,
On, Iowa, on forever more...

Every autumn, the University of Iowa campus resounds with the familiar strains of On Iowa, written by UI law graduate W.R. Law in 1917. It's a nostalgic anthem, steeped in history, but it speaks to the future as well.

The University of Iowa stands at the threshold of an era of great promise, and we must act quickly and boldly to bring change to life for new generations.

Together, we can help our university remain “proudly at the fore” of innovation and excellence—and we can ensure a bright future for Iowa...forever more.

For the dreamers and leaders...

We must educate our students—the leaders of tomorrow—to thrive in a complex, global society.

Scudder / Rolston

UI Presidential Scholar Nick J. Rolston's decision to attend Iowa was inspired by a visit he had with Professor Jack D.Scudder of the UI Physics and Astronomy Department as a high school junior. Three years later, Nick meets with Professor Scudder to discuss that initial encounter, the challenges and successes of scientific research, and the thrill of discovery. Watch the video

“That fire in the belly is the only thing that keeps everybody in this building going.”

For the explorers and innovators...

We must ensure a healthier and more sustainable world through scientific and medical discoveries.

Olson / Boyd

President Emeritus Willard L. "Sandy" Boyd is a renowned educator and longtime champion for Iowa nonprofits. Aly L. Olson is a music major and presidential scholar who came to the UI to pursue her dreams of working in the arts. They discuss Iowa's strong tradition of artistic excellence, the UI community's commitment to rebuilding the arts campus, and the importance of culture and creativity in our lives. Watch the video

“The arts are the essence of the community—they are the glue that bring us together.”

For the visionaries and entrepreneurs...

We must enrich commerce, culture, and communities for Iowans and citizens beyond our borders.