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Kayt Conrad is Phil

Kayt Conrad, Division of Performing Arts administrator, talks about why she supports the UI.

Richard Hurtig is Phil

Retired College of Liberal Arts & Sciences professor Richard Hurtig shares why he supports causes all over campus.

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College of Pharmacy

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Nic Arp is Phil

Henry Tippie-PHIL Campaign video

Kandy Munson

Project Lead The Way Affiliate Assistant, College of Engineering

“I give so mothers won’t have to bury their 15-year old sons. My 14-year old nephew, Ben Mellor, an avid skateboarder, started complaining about pain in his legs and extreme fatigue. His grades started dropping. The doctors thought he was on drugs. We knew better. Blood work came back fine. Ben kept getting sicker and sicker until he was finally diagnosed with leukemia. 18 months later, he was gone. He once told me he was most afraid that people wouldn’t remember him. Well, I do. And I’m hoping by donating to leukemia research that other families won’t have to lose their loved ones to this devastating disease. That is why…I am Phil.”

Dottie Persson (Retired)

Senior Librarian, Education/Psychology

“I’ve always been interested in supporting the advancement of women at the UI.

I admire Hawkeye coaches like Vivian Stringer, Lisa Bluder, and Jan Jensen—and what they do to teach leadership and service among our female student-athletes. To me, it’s just as important to support their teams financially as it is to cheer them on at Carver Hawkeye Arena. I have also provided support to WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and WRAC (Women’s Resource and Action Center) to help encourage and promote the important lessons young women are learning at the University of Iowa. They will be great leaders in the future, and that’s important to all of us.”

Rob Cline

Director of Marketing & Communications
Hancher (1992 B. A., 1994 M. A.)

“I was an usher at Hancher in college during the early 90s. I was incredibly lucky to meet my wife, Jenny, while we were both ushers there—and very fortunate to come back to Hancher as a staff member. Nowadays, when I’m out talking to people about the work Hancher does, I often have the opportunity to encourage people not only to purchase tickets but to also consider making a gift to Hancher. I may not have the resources to give a lot of money myself, but I feel it’s important to be able to say, ‘I hope you will JOIN ME in making a donation.’ When many people give what they can, the effect can be tremendous.

No matter what you do here at the UI, the university as a whole is inspiring in so many ways. One of the great joys of working here is that each of us has a role to play that impacts the excellence of the entire university. That’s true of our daily work, and it can also be true of giving.”

Cathy Zaharis (1982 B. B. A.)

Business Director, Finance Career Academy

Chair, UI Foundation Board of Directors

“So many of us really love the University of Iowa. It’s good to show that we have some skin in the game by giving our support to help it thrive.”

Vern Duba

Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Applied Clinical Sciences; College of Pharmacy

I am a first-generation college graduate. My mother has a high school diploma; my father had an eighth-grade education certificate. Their financial support coupled with scholarships allowed me to achieve my goals and establish a career in academe. I support the College of Pharmacy’s educational mission in their honor. I am living evidence that giving can positively impact the course of one’s life.

Linda Annis

Program Coordinator, Business Manager’s Office

As a longtime staff member of the University of Iowa, it is generally a challenge to decide where to designate my financial gifts because the UI has an abundance of amazing programs, cutting-edge research projects and wonderful outreach activities. However, this year it was an easy decision. I attended my first home Cross Country track meet this year and was literally blown away. I have often seen groups of UI running teams across town and noticed the excellent manners, camaraderie and endurance (they are observant, considerate, respectful, stay together, look out for each other, and handle all kinds of extreme weather conditions). Before the completion, I met up with some wonderful out-of-state parents that were actually UI Cross Country alums themselves. They explained the sport’s rules/regulations, training parameters, etc., to me and it was clear to see these young men and women represent our university well and exemplify the excellent Iowa work ethic we cherish. I hope my gift can be used toward a scholarship for a talented, hardworking, and committed cross-country student athlete. Thank you.

Colleen Reardon

BMT Manager

Blood & Marrow Transplant Program / University of Iowa Marrow Donor Program

I support the UI because I am passionate about the fight against cancer. I believe in our talented researchers and want to be a part of the solution.