When will faculty and staff be asked to make a gift?

During We Are Phil week (Oct. 1–5, 2018), volunteers across the university will plan events and activities to encourage giving within their colleges, departments, and units. This annual effort—combining an intense, campuswide communication effort—coupled with volunteer-led activities throughout campus, places an emphasis on participation and collective impact. Each year, We Are Phil will ask faculty and staff to make gifts to the colleges, programs, or areas they find most meaningful.

Many UI faculty and staff already are being asked to make annual gifts by the college or program from which they graduated, or by areas they have supported in the past. Each fall, all regular, permanent UI employees who work half-time or more will be asked to give, specifically because they are faculty and staff of the university. All gifts made between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, will be counted toward this year’s faculty/staff participation rates—whether you respond to We Are Phil mailings or activities or another donation request.