Where can I see Phil around campus?

The positive impact of philanthropy is visible throughout campus. Gifts from alumni, friends, faculty, and staff have provided resources to help the university cover a wide range of expenses such as these:

More than 2,800 UI students receive support directly from privately funded scholarships, and more than 200 faculty members hold named professorships, chairs, or deanships made possible by gifts from generous donors. Many of them would not be on this campus without that extra support.

Philanthropy also plays a major role in building and updating university facilities in every area of campus— including University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, the Beckwith Boathouse, Voxman Music Building, and the Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building on the main campus, to name just a few.

Everything that costs money on this campus, helps you do your job, or enhances your life as a community member—laboratory equipment, dance costumes, classroom technology, scholarly travel, library collections, medical research, continuing education—can be, and often is, supported by gifts from donors at all levels.