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Hawkeye hats off to Terry Morano of Walled Lake who is the Vice President of Social Activities for the Iowa Club of Michigan!  Terry and his wife Beverly have been attending Iowa game watches since the inception of the club, and they physically bring the Hawkeye spirit to each of these club socials in the form of a lucky bronzed Herky that presides over game watches.  Club members like to rub Herky’s head for good luck before every kickoff and tipoff, and then give him a pat on the head for every victory before they head home.  Terry is continuing his leadership role in the club and will be bringing this Hawkeye spirit to all the club’s social events.

Terry, who was born in Iowa City, says he was bleeding black and gold and rooting for the Iowa Hawkeyes long before he was a student at the University of Iowa.  He’s been an I-Club & season football ticket holder since 1983 and continues to attend as many home games as he can manage, despite moving to Michigan in 1988 where he worked in the automotive industry for more than 30 years.   Semi-retired, Terry fills his days working at Lyon Oaks Golf Course, golfing in his free time, and slowly working away at a lifetime goal to visit all of the BIG TEN football stadiums.

Attending one away Iowa football game each year started as a consolation prize for himself, given the fact that Terry could not physically attend every Hawkeye home football game in Iowa City.  Now he has taken to attending one away game each year in the company of his son and the duo won’t stop until they have seen them all!  Thus far they have been to seven BIG TEN stadiums but will be scheduling a revisit to Minnesota, now that the Gophers have a new stadium on campus.   Additionally, Terry has been to three bowl games and he looks forward to the day he can travel to see the Hawkeyes play for a National Championship.  GO HAWKS!

Club members who have ideas for social activities for the Iowa Club of Michigan can reach Terry at ttmorano@aol.com.

Terry Morano
Trustee, Michigan Iowa Club

Contact Info:

Email: ttmorano@aol.com