Heather Wendt



Heather Wendt is the founding partner of Uproar Communications, a full-service marketing company in Ann Arbor Michigan. Home was Troy, Michigan and if not for her University of Iowa legacy, she may have ended up in that other university. But her choice never wavered, and her joy expressed her confidence in her selection when the Hawkeyes confirmed her future.

Heather is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company and holds the responsibility of masterminding marketing solutions and karma for local, national, and international companies. Her commitment to her profession is evident in the robust internship program at Uproar and an historic passion for the old and new. Her respect and admiration for her years at The University of Iowa reflect her devotion to the Black and Gold. “I am lucky to have been a part of an institution that gave me skills and inferences for so many wonderful opportunities; I will never tire of saying Go Hawks!”

Heather Wendt
President, Michigan Iowa Club