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Upcoming Club Events! 

New 2020 KINNICK NORTH T-Shirt Fundraiser!

For the next two weeks, we will be taking t-shirt orders in our limited time pop-up store! This is a win-win situation: 100% of the profits from these t-shirt sales will be supporting the Twin Cities communities hit hardest over the past few weeks. Rep the black and gold, give back, and support the cause!

Order HERE
Available online until July 26th!

Weekly Iowa Football Game Watches at the Loop!

Join fellow Hawk fans every Saturday at the Loop in Minneapolis! Keep your eye out for Twin Cities IOWA Club members handing out black and gold swag for the big games! Board members will be there for the Rutgers, Iowa State, Michigan, and Minnesota games!

Join our board!

We’re always looking for energetic Hawk fans of any age to join our board and help put on events or add more Hawkeye pride to the Twin Cities. If you are interested, please reach out to us via Twitter, Facebook, or email!

New Board Members
We are happy to welcome two new members to the Twin Cities Iowa Board in Edo Mwenda and Haley Hollern as At-Large members! Welcome, Edo & Haley!

Past Club Events:

  • Iowa Day at Target Field (7/20/19)
  • Happy Hour at Punch Bowl Social
  • Happy Hour at The Loop
  • NCAA B1G Wrestling Championships & Happy Hour
  • Big Ten Night at the Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Pint Promotion at the Loop for the Iowa-Penn State football game (October 2018)
  • Iowa-Minnesota Football Tailgate hosted by Twin Cities IOWA Club (10/6/18)
  • Iowa-Minnesota Hawkeye Happy Hour at 508 Bar (10/5/18)
  • Iowa Day at Target Field (7/14/18)
  • Big Ten Alumni Softball Tournament (7/2018)
  • Big Ten Alumni Softball Tournament (8/2017)
  • TCIC Twin Outing vs. KC Royals (5/21/17)
  • Surly Brewing Social (2/13/17)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Game/Big 10 Alumni Happy Hour (2/10/17)
  • Dance Marathon Fundraisers (We donated $500 to DM in 2017!)
  • Football and Basketball Game Watch Events
  • Iowa @ MN Football Weekend Events (October 2016): Friday night social, Saturday pre-game tailgate, Saturday post-game social at Up-Down
  • B1G Alumni Softball Tournament (see recap below)
  • Big 4 Alumni Golf Tournament (July 2016)
  • Minnesota Twins Game (June 2016)
  • University of Iowa President’s Visit to the Twin Cities (March 2016)

The Iowa @ Minnesota Game was a big success! We hosted a Hawkeye Happy Hour in downtown Minneapolis at 508 Bar. The next morning we hosted both the Hawkeye Huddle and a TCIC Tailgate, followed by an Iowa victory over the Gophers!

Summer 2018: Iowa Day at Target Field on July 14th at Target Field for the 3rd consecutive year! We had another great turnout at both the pregame happy hour at Darby’s Pub and at Target Field!

The 2016 Big Ten Alumni Softball Tournament was held on August 28 in Mendota Heights, and the IOWA team went 2-2 for the day, defeating Michigan State and Nebraska and humbly losing to Illinois and Minnesota, two of the four teams in the semifinals. Minnesota took the tournament championship, going undefeated for the day.


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