Baby Hawkeye Beckons Michigan Club Leader to Colorado

There aren’t many things in life that are better than being a Hawkeye, but becoming a grandma for the first time certainly qualifies as one of them.  In August, our first grandchild came into the world and little Josephine has wrapped her tiny little fingers around our hearts and we are so madly in love with her.  Her mama is an Iowa grad too, so she has a full wardrobe of infant Iowa spirit wear, including “Baby Herky” pajamas and, of course, a Hawkeye cheerleader dress!  Until Covid is over and she can get a vaccine, I have decided to move to Colorado to help her parents with childcare so they can return to work without worry.  I am resigning as president of the Iowa Club of Michigan so that I can be full time nanny as well as Nana to this little Colorado girl who is a legacy of the University of Iowa, who could possibly become a third generation musician in the Hawkeye Marching Band if her heart so desires, and whose ancestry is deeply rooted in the Iowa soils that her grandparents farmed for generations.  I am sad to leave Michigan and our awesome Iowa Club, but I am so happy to announce that Heather Wendt, who has been our club champion of social media outreach has agreed to take the reigns of club president.  Heather is an absolute dynamo of energy for the club and her marketing skills as owner of her own advertising agency, Uproar Communications, makes her more than ideal for the job.  I can’t wait to see how the club, which now encompasses all of Michigan, grows by leaps and bounds under her guidance.  On my way out, I proudly made the first donation to the Iowa Club of Michigan’s new scholarship fund and I sincerely hope that our club members will consider making generous donations of their own.  This fund is held by the University of Iowa and matched by the University up to $1,000 per year.  This scholarship will go to students of need who reside in Michigan and attend the University of Iowa.  I have become a member of the Colorado Rocky Mountain regional Iowa Club, called “Hawks on the Rocks,” and will stay active with Iowa alumni through this club.  If you find yourself in Colorado for any reason, I hope you will reach out to me at my new home in Broomfield, Colorado.  For the love of a child, that is where you’ll find me.

On Iowa!

Teresa Aylor Silver

Former president of the Iowa Club of Michigan, Grandma

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